Sugar Bowl Wedding: Lauren + Steven

Here is another Lake Tahoe mountain wedding from 2019! During the summer, most of the local ski resorts become wedding venues. The views are amazing and the ski lodges can usually accommodate large groups, both indoors and out. In this case, Sugar Bowl offers numerous event sites around the resort. At this Sugar Bowl wedding, Lauren and Steven married on the lawn next to the main lodge. After the ceremony we stopped by a meadow of wildflowers, and then swung by Donner Pass for some photos. Both locations are a very short drive from the lodge, and well worth the time and effort.

In addition to family that resides in Truckee full-time, Lake Tahoe played a special role in the early stages of Lauren and Steven’s relationship. So, a Sugar Bowl wedding was a fitting venue for their big day. I have photographed numerous Sugar Bowl weddings over the years. Every time, I realize what a great Lake Tahoe wedding venue it is. Set against a grove of pine trees, the shaded lawn next to the lodge catches beautiful backlighting during the summer. The large deck area means you can celebrate with your guests outdoors all day long.

I loved capturing Lauren and Steven’s expressions during their outdoor ceremony. Especially during their vows and ring exchange. The images from a nearby meadow of wildflowers as well as Donner Pass are some of my favorites. The scenery at the lodge includes mountain peaks and the top of the Sierra Crest. But these other spots add variety to their wedding photos, and show the incredible natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

If you have a summertime Sugar Bowl wedding, there are beautiful meadows of flowers nearby for pictures.
One of the best parts of your wedding day will be sharing the joy with your best friends.
Bridesmaids always enjoy seeing the bride in her wedding dress.
Many Lake Tahoe brides recruit a niece or other young relative as their wedding ceremony flower girl.
The natural sunlight at Sugar Bowl wedding ceremonies is perfect for an outdoor venue in the mountains.
Although the backdrop for the processional is not particularly scenic at this Lake Tahoe wedding venue, the view of the ceremony in the other direction is beautiful.
Lake Tahoe weddings often incorporate a tuxedo for the groom and traditional suits for the groomsmen.
The Sugar Bowl wedding site is adjacent to the main ski lodge and backs up to a forested creekbed.
Tahoe wedding photographers wait for spontaneous laughter during outdoor wedding ceremonies.
Exchanging rings is one of the best parts of an outdoor Lake Tahoe wedding.
If you love life in the mountains, consider getting married in Lake Tahoe.
The natural backlighting at a Sugar Bowl wedding ceremony in Lake Tahoe creates beautiful highlights on the wedding party.
Tahoe photographers love a groom that is just as expressive (or more!) than the bride.
As a Lake Tahoe wedding photographer, I always photograph the bride and groom's
If you have a few extra minutes during your Sugar Bowl wedding reception, ask your photographer for photos in the meadow of wildflowers nearby.
Many Lake Tahoe brides decorate their wedding bouquets with charms and pictures of deceased family members.
Meadows of mountain wildflowers make a colorful setting for wedding photos in Lake Tahoe.
If you are planning a Sugar Bowl wedding, be sure to spend some time outdoors with your photographer!
Dramatic scenery is a short drive away if you want to take a quick break from your Sugar Bowl wedding reception.
The father of the bride is often emotional as he delivers his wedding day speech.
With warm, dry weather throughout the summer, most Lake Tahoe wedding ceremonies and receptions are outdoors.
When family members make speeches at the wedding, they often share funny and entertaining stories about the bride and groom.
Tahoe wedding photographers benefit from natural light since most summertime receptions are outdoors.
It is customary at California weddings for the father of the bride to dance with his daughter at the beginning of the reception.
Sugar Bowl weddings are usually outdoors, allowing your Tahoe photographer to capture important moments quickly using available natural light.
The first dance as husband and wife is usually performed on the dance floor in front of all the wedding guests.
Most Sugar Bowl weddings feature a dance floor under the stars on the side of the large ski lodge.
Everyone loves seeing the ring bearer join the party on the dance floor!
Most Lake Tahoe wedding guests bide their time in hopes of a chance to dance with the bride.
Ski resorts are popular Lake Tahoe wedding venues during the summer because the dance floor tends to be outdoors with no sound restrictions or curfew.
A Sugar Bowl wedding reception is usually outdoors on the large deck above the ceremony site.
With no curfews at a Sugar Bowl wedding, the parties often go way past 10pm.
Some (but not all) Lake Tahoe DJs light up the dance floor with their own array of colorful lights.

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