Private Residence, South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers

By and large, most Tahoe weddings are at well-known resorts and popular wedding venues. But there are exceptions. If you envision a stunning lakeside wedding, you have options. For instance, there are many private homes that you can rent for your wedding. Typically, event coordinators are the best way to find these venues. They will know which homeowners are “wedding-friendly”. They will also help you negotiate terms if the owners are nervous about a large event on their property. That being said, if you can find a beautiful private home for your big day, your photos will truly stand out.

To be sure, a South Lake Tahoe private home wedding ensures an intimate setting for you and your wedding guests. Granted, there may be a curfew for loud music. But this is one small price to pay for your own private Lake Tahoe wedding venue. All in all, it is worth it to make some concessions to be away from the crowds of busy summer weekends. Though you will have to organize on-site catering, this give you lots of options. For example, you could serve a fancy plated dinner for your guests. That being said, you could also book a food truck. Or, your could even hire a backyard BBQ catering company.

South Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers at a Private Home

When Megan and Austin said their vows, they were as close to Lake Tahoe you can get. Any closer and they would have had to be in a boat. Their poodle delivered the rings wearing a tuxedo. After several readings and their exchange of vows, they closed their ceremony by releasing butterflies. Yet another Tahoe South Lake wedding that was a blast to photograph! Especially because so many of the guests were Tahoe locals themselves. It was wonderful to see old friends and family reconnect to celebrate Megan and Austin’s wedding.