North Lake Tahoe Elopement: Kimberly + Mike

As I look through Kimberly and Mike’s North Lake Tahoe elopement photos, one thing is clear. The size of your wedding does not in any way determine its significance. The images from this intimate celebration include as many beautiful, authentic moments as any large-scale Lake Tahoe wedding.

Kimberly and Mike planned this special weekend from their home in Texas. Everyone arrived on a Wednesday and flew back on Sunday. On Thursday I met them for some engagement photos at D.L Bliss State Park. On Friday, they married! The very next day, an early winter storm rolled through the Sierra. So, they experienced more than one Lake Tahoe season in the same visit. Even if you don’t live near Lake Tahoe, it is very easy to plan this kind of amazing experience.

If you don’t want the pressure of a big, high-pressure day, you should elope in Lake Tahoe. You get to make up the rules. You get to call the shots. For example, Kimberly and Mike’s 4-year-old son, Ollie, played a very special part in their day. He was ring bearer during their ceremony. One of the best things about a Lake Tahoe elopement for me is the freedom to create something that is uniquely your own.

Views of mountains and water make Lake Tahoe one of the best places to elope in America.
Many 2021 weddings will be a Lake Tahoe elopement at a vacation rental home.
Many Lake Tahoe grooms enjoy whiskey or scotch with their groomsmen while getting ready for the wedding.
Children want to be involved in their parents' wedding ceremony in any way possible.
If you have children, you should include them in your wedding day plans in whatever ways feel best to your.
One of the best things about a Lake Tahoe elopement is that you are free to stray from tradition. Why shouldn't your groom be able to help you get ready for the ceremony?
A black wedding dress means you have a unique style and a modern vision for your wedding day.
Lake Tahoe florists can create the perfect floral crown for your wedding day.
Suspenders can be difficult for small hands, so the groomsmen can help the ring bearer get ready for the wedding.
A small Lake Tahoe wedding is a fun and relaxed way to celebrate getting married.
Getting ready for your Lake Tahoe elopement can be a relaxed and fun affair, with just you and your friends in the mountains.
Sometimes kids don't like to get dressed up for weddings.
Sometimes the ring bearer doesn't want to put on his wedding clothes on the big day.
A colorful floral wedding crown pairs beautifully with an off-the-shoulder black wedding dress.
You can include your dogs, kids, and a black wedding dress when you get married in Lake Tahoe.
At your Lake Tahoe elopement, you can include your dogs or other pets as ring bearers or wedding party members.
There are many cute wedding suits for young boys that you can buy if your son is going to be a part of your big day.
It is important to include your children in the wedding, but small kids sometimes need extra assistance putting on their shoes.
Dress up your dog as a ring bearer to make sure your fur babies are part of your wedding ceremony.
A Lake Tahoe Airbnb wedding gives you the freedom to choose a location outside the main wedding venues.
A Lake Tahoe elopement becomes more about you and your personal tastes than common convention or other peoples' expectations.
Getting married with close friends in Lake Tahoe means taking back control of how you celebrate saying
A Lake Tahoe elopement focuses just on the two of you and your relationship on the day you get married.
Sometimes small wedding ceremonies and elopement elicit more emotions than their larger, more public counterparts.
Your Lake Tahoe elopement is a fluid and flexible event. You and your fiancé can decide the order of events at a special location of your choice.
Most grooms and brides that already have children will include their kids in the wedding ceremony.
You can make your small Lake Tahoe wedding ceremony unique and a true reflection of your relationship and priorities.
Many brides and grooms include their children in their wedding, assigning them fun and important duties like presenting the rings.
Eloping in Lake Tahoe is more popular than ever. You can choose from so many more locations, and the memories are just as beautiful as any other kind of wedding.
The details of your Lake Tahoe elopement are entirely up to you. With fewer logistics, you can make it up as you go.
Feeding one another cake is a tradition in North America that can include the bride, groom, and their children as well.
A Lake Tahoe elopement give you the freedom to get married the way you wish at the largest lake in North America.

Elope in Lake Tahoe!

Do you want to elope in Lake Tahoe? With fewer logistics than a large wedding, most couples plan the logistics themselves. However, some brides and grooms hire a local wedding planner to take care of all the details. That being said, I always offer recommendations for locations and timing. I can also suggest an officiant and the best salons for hair and makeup.

For more small wedding ideas, take a look at this intimate Sand Harbor wedding. I also loved the setting and scenery at this Tuolumne Meadows elopement, right in the heart of Yosemite’s high country!

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