Mitchells Meadows Wedding: Sarah + Drew

Are you looking for a beautiful, rustic, outdoor Lake Tahoe wedding venue? Mitchells Meadows is a relatively new option for couples planning a wedding in Lake Tahoe. This venue is already full for 2020! When Sarah and Drew contacted me about their Mitchells Meadows wedding, it was my first time hearing about this unique spot.

Even though this amazing property is so close, you will feel like you are a world away. One thing that really made this wedding special is that Sarah’s aunt and uncle own the 80 acre property. So, this was really a wonderful family event. You will find Mitchells Meadows 30 minutes north of Truckee. It is very close to Independence Lake. If you are driving, you will need a specific set of directions from the owners to make sure you do not get lost. There are dirt roads, odometer checks, and unmarked Y-intersections that will leave you scratching your head if you aren’t paying attention. Similar to The Hideout near Kirkwood, you must even drive through a creek!

Lake Tahoe Photographers Love Outdoor Venues Like Mitchells Meadows

Before the wedding, Sarah and Drew both got ready at Northstar. Owing to the many hotels and private homes for rent in the Lake Tahoe area, you will have plenty of options for getting ready. That being said, a Mitchells Meadows wedding includes 3 days on the property. You have all day Friday to set things up. You can also organize a pre-wedding event the day before the wedding. Saturday morning you may use the owners’ cabin for getting ready, or for any final touches. Afterwards, Sunday is a full day for a brunch, celebrating further with a luncheon, and relaxing in the forest.

Family arrived from all over for Sarah and Drew’s wedding. Sarah’s family is from South Africa. Drew’s family is from Half Moon Bay. It was a huge celebration, especially with so many relatives from their two families meeting for the first time. Lake Tahoe food truck “Red Truck” catered the reception, where everyone dined under the trees. It goes without saying that Sarah’s family knew about the afternoon light out in the meadow. So, we made sure to go for a walk and make some photos as the sun was setting. After dusk, the party picked up and traditional South African dance tracks had everyone stomping the dance floor. Since so many Lake Tahoe wedding venues have a reception curfew, it’s fun to see a party go on into the night. There are no neighbors here except for the natural wildlife!

A Mitchells Meadows wedding is a unique woodsy alternative to lakeside Tahoe weddings.
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Lake Tahoe wedding hair salons can help you get ready for your big day.
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Grooms often practice reciting their vows before getting married in Lake Tahoe.
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The nice thing about a Mitchells Meadows wedding is your freedom to choose any kind of ceremony you like.
According to this Lake Tahoe wedding photographer, the mother of the groom can wear any color dress she likes!
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Rustic outdoor weddings in Lake Tahoe are becoming the most popular form of Tahoe weddings.
The main cabin at Mitchells Meadows is available on your wedding day for getting ready before the ceremony.
The most popular weddings in Lake Tahoe are outdoor events with views of the trees and meadows.
Mitchells Meadows is a popular rustic Lake Tahoe wedding venue in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
If you want a rustic outdoor wedding in Lake Tahoe, check out Mitchells Meadows weddings.
Are you looking for a rustic Lake Tahoe wedding venue? Mitchells Meadows weddings offer an outdoor ceremony site and reception under the trees.
Mitchells Meadows weddings feature a large grassy ceremony site with forest and meadow views.
A Mitchells Meadows wedding includes an outdoor ceremony location on the lawn.
A Lake Tahoe florist can create a beautiful bridal bouquet for your Mitchells Meadows wedding.
Mitchells Meadows weddings are becoming more popular and the venue is sold out up to a year in advance.
As far as unique Lake Tahoe wedding venues go, a Mitchells Meadows wedding stands out owing to it's forest views and dancing under the trees.
Your Mitchells Meadows wedding will be remembered for its outdoor ceremony and reception in the forest.
Food trucks at weddings are becoming more popular. Red Truck is a Lake Tahoe wedding food truck company that catered this Mitchells Meadows wedding.
Mitchells Meadows is a beautiful up-and-coming Lake Tahoe wedding venue just north of Truckee.
The outdoor open space at Mitchells Meadows weddings is unparalleled in the Lake Tahoe area. The grassy meadows at this venue are spectacular, especially at sunset.
During the warm summer months, a Mitchells Meadows wedding is a unique place to exchange vows and celebrate with family both old and young.
Mitchells Meadows weddings give you access to a beautiful outdoor ceremony and reception site.
Owing to their beautiful outdoor dining area, Mitchells Meadows Weddings are becoming more popular and the venue books out in advance every year.
You should consider a Mitchells Meadows Wedding if you want an outdoor reception. This venue has a beautiful dining area in the forest, perfect for warm summer evening.
Most Mitchells Meadows Weddings include a dance with the father of the bride.
If you are planning an outdoor wedding reception, include a jacket or long sleeves for nighttime dancing!
Scarves and shawls make the limbo challenge possible at any wedding venue, like this Mitchells Meadows Wedding.
Are you looking for a venue in Lake Tahoe? Check out Mitchells Meadows Weddings. It is a unique outdoor venue with no curfew!
Find a great Lake Tahoe DJ for your Mitchells Meadows Wedding.
If you are planning a Mitchells Meadows Wedding, you can look forward to dancing outdoors under the trees.

If you are looking for a rustic, outdoor wedding in Lake Tahoe there are so many options. If you want to be close to the water, check out this Sand Harbor wedding. Getting married at Sand Harbor puts you lakeside as you exchange your vows. You can even jump in the water after saying “I Do”! If you are open to Lake Tahoe wedding venues north of the lake, consider a Graeagle Lodge wedding.  In fact, Graeagle is a small town that offers a number of unique, rustic venues. Shoot me an email to get some recommendations!


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