Intimate Sand Harbor Wedding: Shirin + Daniel

Shirin and Daniel’s intimate Sand Harbor wedding reminded me that some celebrations feel bigger even when there are fewer people involved. After all, a marriage is about people. And although weddings don’t exclude the marriage part, per se, they are often built up around things- like flowers, linens, venues, guest lists, and party favors. These guys put just as much care and attention into the details of their wedding. But in the end the day was about two people, their closest loved ones, and an amazing natural setting in Lake Tahoe.

When Shirin and Daniel contacted me, they were exploring a number of different wedding venues. Over the past decade I have photographed elopements, portraits, and weddings at almost every established venue in Lake Tahoe. So, I shared a list of options and included my personal ‘pros and cons’ perspective on each site. As they were narrowing their list, we met in person to get to know each other. This was another opportunity to find out more about them, and vice-versa. I learned how a girl who spent 22 years of her life in Iran meets and falls in love with German biochemist. And I found out how their fourth date revealed what a long-term match they truly were.

In the end, the day came together very nicely. Lake Tahoe wedding officiant Meredith Richmond walked Shirin and Daniel through a ceremony that was personal, unique, and celebrated their commitment to one another. After a champagne toast and sampling a well-dressed table of hors d’oeuvres, we swung by a Lake Tahoe overlook for some photos. And then, Shirin and Daniel headed to the Edgewood Tahoe to join their families for dinner. Be sure to keep scrolling after the photos for helpful tips on getting married at Sand Harbor State Park!

An intimate Sand Harbor wedding often means additional time for Lake Tahoe wedding photos.
A Lake Tahoe florist can help you with a bouquet and boutonniere- pretty much all you need for a small outdoor wedding in Lake Tahoe.
Small outdoor weddings in Lake Tahoe allow you to focus more on loved ones while enjoying the natural beauty around you.
The Sand Harbor State Park ramada offers protection from sun and rain on your wedding day.
An outdoor wedding venue in Lake Tahoe like Sand Harbor is a perfect location for a small ceremony.
Who will walk you down the aisle at your Lake Tahoe wedding?
A small, intimate outdoor wedding in Lake Tahoe gives you the freedom to say
Of all the Lake Tahoe wedding venues, a simple outdoor location is still one of the most beautiful options.
A small outdoor wedding in Lake Tahoe means you don't need a microphone or sound system during your ceremony.
A small outdoor mountain wedding frees you from complicated planning and logistics.
An intimate Sand Harbor wedding brings everyone together without troublesome logistics and planning.
A little bit of rain on your Lake Tahoe wedding day is good luck!
Less is more. A small, outdoor Lake Tahoe wedding with simple wedding rings.
An intimate Sand Harbor wedding give you the freedom to arrange your ceremony however you wish.
An intimate Sand Harbor wedding is arguably as beautiful as any Lake Tahoe church wedding.
Sand Harbor is a breathtaking wedding venue for a small, outdoor ceremony with family and friends.
Lake Tahoe is a beautiful location for a small, outdoor wedding with immediate family.
Invite close family to your Lake Tahoe wedding. A hug from your brother means a lot on your wedding day.
A daughter's wedding is often a very emotional day for the father of the bride.
With a little preparation, you can enjoy champagne and hors d'oeuvres at your small outdoor wedding in Lake Tahoe.
A champagne toast is a special way to celebrate a small and intimate Lake Tahoe wedding.
With help from your wedding party, you can enjoy glasses of champagne on the beach in Lake Tahoe.
You can enjoy a champagne toast with a view at an intimate Sand Harbor wedding.
It can rain or snow any month of the year in Lake Tahoe.
Feeling comfortable with your Lake Tahoe wedding photographer can lead to beautifully intimate photos on your big day.
If it rains on your Lake Tahoe wedding day, take some photos under the protection of a large tree!
Small Lake Tahoe weddings are becoming a popular idea for couples that prefer to avoid the logistics of a large event.
You can never predict the weather in the mountains of Lake Tahoe!
Getting close on your big day is a way for your Lake Tahoe wedding photographer to capture the feeling of your wedding.
Intimate Lake Tahoe weddings often mean you have time for exploring the lake with your photographer.
Black and white Lake Tahoe wedding photos can sometimes capture a feeling or mood as well as color.
An intimate Sand Harbor wedding affords you more time for Lake Tahoe wedding photos.

Tips for Getting Married at Sand Harbor State Park

There are many things to love about photographing a small and intimate Lake Tahoe wedding. First, there are fewer logistics overall to worry about. No complicated timeline. No stressful seating charts. How does that affect your mindset going into your wedding day? I believe it narrows your focus more closely towards the things that really matter. More specifically, your fiancé and your closest loved ones. Next, I am able to document your immediate experience more closely and carefully. Like your father looking at his watch and reminding you not to be late to your own wedding. Not to mention the way he looks at you moments before he walks you down the aisle. Similarly, a less structured itinerary can allow more spontaneity. You have more time to spend with each person. You also have a little extra time to explore the beauty of the venue itself.

Have you visited this part of Lake Tahoe? If you are familiar with the beauty of this shoreline, getting married at Sand Harbor State Park is kind of a no-brainer. But you do need to be okay with a ‘natural’ venue. The ramada structure is available to rent for your Sand Harbor wedding. It makes a wonderful focus point for a meal or appetizers. And in case of rain or snow, you will be glad to have a roof over your heads. However, this is not a fancy ballroom! Although a Sand Harbor wedding may lack the luxuries of some Lake Tahoe wedding venues, I believe it more than makes up for it with breathtaking views and an incredible position right on the water.

More Tips for a Sand Harbor Wedding

Fall, winter, and spring are the best times for a Sand Harbor wedding. If you have ever tried to visit Sand Harbor on a Saturday in August, then you know that the summer crowds are to be taken seriously (the huge parking lot is typically full before 9am). The Sand Harbor wedding rental space is right in between two popular beaches. And beachgoers love to explore the park, often roaming through the rental area itself. If you reserve a date during the shoulder seasons, you stand a good chance of having the entire place to yourselves. This is when it truly feels like paradise!

Lastly, rules about photography have recently changed for Sand Harbor State Park. Even if you pay for a wedding reservation, you may be ticketed or fined for taking wedding photos anywhere else in the park. Photo permits are available (at the time of writing) for $50/day. Some of the most beautiful parts of the park are outside of the wedding site, so it is worth the additional expense.

If you are thinking about getting married at Sand Harbor State Park, check out these photos from another Sand Harbor wedding. The park is also popular for Sand Harbor engagement photos. Either way, shoot me an email if you are in the planning process and have questions!

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