Gatekeepers Museum Wedding: Claire + Jake

Claire and Jake are among the sweetest, most down-to-earth couples ever. In many respects, the location of their wedding wouldn’t matter one bit. They could marry alone on a mountaintop- it would still be a moving and heartfelt event. That being said, this venue offers a quiet and secluded natural setting just steps away from downtown Tahoe City. After many years of patiently waiting to photograph a Gatekeepers Museum wedding, I finally did!

Even after 10 years as a Lake Tahoe wedding photographer, there are still some new-to-me wedding venues. It’s a numbers thing, really. As you can imagine, venue generally comes first. Except for some elopements. In those cases, I often make recommendations. But I digress!

Gatekeepers Museum is a fascinating relic from the early days of Lake Tahoe. The museum is a reconstruction of the original 1909 cabin that housed the “gatekeepers” who operated the dam, regulating the flow of water out of Lake Tahoe. Interestingly, it stands on the same site where the original building stood before an arson fire burned it to the ground in the early 1980s. Although the museum is the main attraction for tourists and visitors, the peaceful forest and shoreline are the highlights of a wedding here.

We started the day in Squaw Valley at a family home. After some getting ready photos and a “first look,” we headed to the lake. From their ceremony site, we were a stone’s throw away from the blue water of Lake Tahoe. Under their own personalized chuppah, Claire and Jake exchange vows, rings, and sealed the deal by stomping on a glass. I loved capturing their glances to one another during their relaxed, traditional Jewish ceremony. I also enjoyed witnessing and photographing some beautiful moments with their parents. As a new dad, these loving and mutually respectful family relationships were a welcome inspiration for me.

Lacy halter top wedding dresses are common for Lake Tahoe weddings.
As a Lake Tahoe wedding photographer, I look for unique and special moments between the bride and her parents.
Floral hair pieces are popular among young, bohemian brides.
Lacy sleeveless boho wedding dresses are a good fit for a summertime Lake Tahoe wedding.
Lake Tahoe wedding photographers look for special moments between family members on the wedding day.
Drinking a whiskey with groomsmen is a tradition for grooms on their wedding day.
The mother of the bride overflows with joy walking her daughter down the aisle.
Emotions run high for the bride and the groom during their wedding ceremony.
The Gatekeepers Museum wedding site is in a forest next to Lake Tahoe.
Blue bridesmaid dresses are a popular option for Lake Tahoe weddings.
A microphone will help your wedding guests hear your vows if it is windy, if you are soft-spoken, or if everyone is seated far away.
Many Lake Tahoe grooms write their own vows these days, often using hand-written or typed pages to read them during the ceremony.
Some brides and grooms exchange wedding rings simultaneously while others
A Gatekeepers museum wedding by the lake has views of both mountains and crystal clear waters.
Getting married in front of your friends and family can be an exhilarating ride!
A Lake Tahoe wedding photographer focuses on special moments with the mother of the bride.
Exchanging wedding vows in front of friends and family and committing to marriage is worthy of celebration!
Pine forests and sunny meadows are common scenes for a Lake Tahoe wedding photographer.
Lake Tahoe wedding photographers show you the joy and excitement from your special day.
Greeting guests at your wedding is one of the best parts of a Lake Tahoe wedding.
Lake Tahoe weddings are generally outside, under the trees and open sky.
You first dance as husband and wife will be a special moment at the beginning of your marriage.
A Gatekeepers Museum wedding is a good fit for a fun-loving, down-to-earth bride and groom.
Lake Tahoe wedding photographers look for special moments throughout the ceremony and reception party.
If you are getting married close to Lake Tahoe, be sure to same time for photos by the lake!
The more comfortable you feel with your Lake Tahoe wedding photographer, the more beautiful and intimate your photos will be.
At your Gatekeepers Museum wedding, be sure to set aside some time for photos by the lake.
A champagne toast is a traditional part of nearly every Lake Tahoe wedding reception.
At most Lake Tahoe weddings, the maid of honor and bride are usually best friends or even sisters.
Wedding reception toasts often feature funny stories or anecdotes from the bride and groom's friends or family.
It is customary at Lake Tahoe weddings for the father of the bride to dance with his daughter on her wedding day.
The mother of the groom often wears a navy blue dress to the wedding.
A transparent tent at your Gatekeepers Museum wedding allows you to see the treetops and enjoy the sunset from your wedding reception.
The Hora dance is one of the most exciting parts of a Jewish Lake Tahoe wedding reception.
Bohemian Lake Tahoe weddings are popular among millennials as well as their parents.
Before social distancing, 2019 was a year of big weddings and crazy dance floor parties.
A clear top tent is a fun way to bring the outdoors inside at your Gatekeepers Museum wedding reception.
A clear tent is a popular option for Lake Tahoe weddings when the bride and groom are concerned about the comfort of their guests.
A Gatekeepers Museum wedding is in the forest, between the shore of Lake Tahoe and a historic cabin from the early Sierra settlers.
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