Edgewood Resort Wedding: Lauren + Josh

Of all the beautiful things that happened at this Edgewood Resort wedding, one story stood out. During their ceremony, we learned that when Josh and Lauren first met, Josh said one of the boldest things ever. He told her, “I want this to be the last first date I ever go on.” Like a prophecy that comes true, that first date was a success. In short, they found a one-of-a-kind partnership, and never looked back.

The Edgewood Resort is one of Tahoe’s best locations for a destination wedding. With this in mind, Lauren and Josh brought all their nearest and dearest with them from Texas. Late September in Lake Tahoe can be sunny, snowy, or rainy. But it was a perfect, sunny day with blue sky and wispy white clouds.

In order to keep things a little more traditional, Lauren and Josh opted not to see one another before the ceremony. As a result, excitement was definitely in the air. While Josh and his groomsmen huddled up for a prayer by the lake, Lauren took some deep breaths in the bridal suite. As her dad walked her down towards the water’s edge, Lauren’s long veil drifted slowly behind her in the breeze. Josh’s eyes were fixed on his bride. When the ceremony finally begin, nerves eased and it was clear how comfortable these two are in one another’s company.

It is always fun to see a couple’s personality so clearly in their ceremony. Their officiant, Bill Hendricks, wove together pieces of their history as a couple. It was a wonderful way to celebrate their unique relationship and wish them well in their adventure together as husband and wife!


This love is on fire. Bride and groom portrait.Bride putting on earrings before the wedding.Flower girl trifecta.Bride adjusting her veil before the ceremony.Groom receives his boutonniere.Pre-wedding groomsmen huddle.Groom gets a kiss from his Mom.Groom and groomsmen waiting for the bride.Flower girl curbside directions...Outdoor wedding ceremony skies.Groom waiting at the altar.Hugs from the father of the bride.Mid-ceremony hand connection.Lakeside wedding huddle at Edgewood Resort.Sister of the bride gets the joke.Bridesmaids listening to the wedding ceremony carefully.Wedding ceremony laughter from the groom at Edgewood Resort.Outdoor weddings in Lake Tahoe are visited by all kinds of wildlife!Vows from the groom at a lakeside wedding in California.The bride's vows at an outdoor California wedding.Introducing the rings to the bride and groom.Handing off the wedding rings.Exchanging wedding vows at an outdoor wedding ceremony.First kiss as husband and wife, with bridesmaids in the background.The moment after the first kiss as husband and wife in Lake Tahoe.Second kiss after saying, Happy bride after the wedding.Post-ceremony bride!Holding the bride close at water's edge.Wedding portrait at the Edgewood Resort in Lake Tahoe.Bride and groom standing close in the shrubbery!Bride looking over her shoulder as she and her groom walk the beach at Edgewood.Grand entrance into the wedding reception!Groom looking at his bride during dinner.Father of the bride making a toast.Listening to the father of the bride deliver his wedding toast.Bride and groom getting fancy during their first dance in Tahoe.Bride smiling her way through the first dance.Father of the bride dancing with his daughter!First dance as husband and wife.Wedding reception photo from the Edgewood Resort in South Lake Tahoe.Flower girls always wait patiently for their cake!A chicken hat always make a wedding party better!The wedding couple dancing at Edgewood Resort.Wedding guests dancing at Edgewood Resort in Lake Tahoe.Edgewood Resort is a wedding venue in South Lake Tahoe, CA.Lake Tahoe bride dancing at Edgewood Resort.Groom being lifted up during wedding reception.Wedding couple's sparkler exit at Edgewood Resort.Bride and groom silhouetted at sunset in Lake Tahoe.

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