Anguilla, Bristish West Indies

Anguilla Wedding Photographer

Although most of my weddings are in Lake Tahoe, I travel quite often. For instance, in this case, I flew to the Caribbean. This Anguilla, British West Indies wedding is now one of my favorites. Shannon and Scott recently moved to Anguilla. In spite of the distance, they wanted to celebrate with all their favorite people from back home. With this in mind they invited around 100 of their Bay Area friends to meet them in Anguilla. It was a week full of swimming, snorkeling, and exploring the island. The wedding ceremony was in a small local church. The wedding reception was at the Frangipani Beach Resort.

This Anguilla wedding in the British West Indies was gorgeous. Anguilla wedding photographers have an amazing palette of colors in front of them. For example, check out the photos above. Caribbean water doesn’t get much more blue than that! If you asked me to go back for more Anguilla wedding photos, I wouldn’t say no!

Destination Wedding Tips and Advice

The Caribbean is an amazing place for a destination wedding. Surprisingly, travel from the United States is not as long as you might think. Still, the logistics can be more complicated than a local event. Your invitation list might be a little shorter, but your wedding guests will always remember your wedding in paradise.

If you are planning a destination wedding, I recommend utilizing a holiday weekend for your event. Long travel times can be tiring. In the same way, layovers and transfers can wear out any hardy wedding guest. A three day weekend makes it easier for your wedding guests to take time off from work. Particularly helpful is a refreshing pool and relaxing hot tub. Likewise, a welcome basket for your guests can go a long way!