Natalie and Chris Album V1

Hi Natalie and Chris!

Using the GREEN comments field for each spread, please tell me if you would like to make changes to any of the album pages. For switching photos, just let me know which photo you want to swap out and the photo you’d like in its place.

Once you have visited each spread and listed any requested changes, just click "Send Comments!"

When you are happy with the look of the entire album, click on the “I Approve My Album!” button and we’ll move on to the next step in getting the book printed and into your hands.

Thank you!


p.s. A black line in the middle of each spread indicates the page break. Any images that fall on the page break will be relatively seamless, and I run images across this line to maximize real estate whenever possible. Please keep this line in mind as you review the album and let me know if there are any you think might be a problem.